Post Acquisition Integration Services

Pre-Deal Strategy

An acquisition is an expensive and resource heavy project for any organization. The Trivista Group specializes in providing Strategic Planning services for clients to assess and investigate the best acquisition targets, understand the value an acquisition should provide and importantly put together a detailed plan of how the post acquisition integration should be handled  including costs and the resources required.

Integration Planning

The Post Acquisition Integration process is where the true value of any acquisition is achieved or lost. The Trivista Group has developed a proprietary 5 Step Integration process to ensure each step of the  integration is handled meticulously for all areas and departments with a focused eye to capture and ideally surpass the deal value expected 

Integration Project Management

The Trivista Group offers experienced Project Management services to ensure an integration's successful execution. While integrations offer an organization a new path for growth and profitability, the strain on the internal team can be significant. The Trivista Group has years of experience guiding organizations through integrations to a profitable conclusion while reducing the burden on the respective management teams  in the process