Jeremy Huggins Founding Partner


Jeremy is a proven Business and M&A leader.  Responsible for deal executions on over $2B in acquisitions over the last 10 yrs , he takes great pride in the Trivista team's dynamic and project execution. His philosophy is that a business leader is an extension of the team and as such his ability to collaborate and build a positive team  are the DNA that drives any Trivista acquisition  project's success


Jeremy is a firm believer in the value of experience as a guide to who should work for Trivista and work on specific projects. His background in retail and commercial banking, consumer good sales, high tech industrial manufacturing, and the aerospace industry  means he has a broad knowledge of the challenges of M&A in each sector 


Jeremy lives by the philosophy that Trivista's Customer service is not just a part of our  business proposition, it is the ONLY part of the proposition  that truly  matters. 

Jeremy instills a passion  for Trivista's work and professionalism, but his underlying objective is for us to deliver results and be totally reactive to what each client needs and is asking for.

We are only successful if our client is truly satisified